Result format for PMS Open Water swims
Results must be in Excel format
Each row contains either:
- a Gender/age group designation of the form W/45-49 in column 1 of the row, and all other columns empty,
- a swimmer's result, with each column containing at most ONE specific piece of datum, as defined below:
Column A B C D E F G H I J and beyond…
Last Name
First Name
Middle Initial
Team Abbr
Reg #
[This is the USMS # or USA #, depending on the swimmer's affiliation.]
Date of Birth
Time of the swim OR distance swum
Additional information for your use (ignored by accumulated results processing)
1 Benjamin Marcia   UNAT 46 666D-99XXK 06/06/1963 19:59  
2 Evans Janet   USC * 45 666D-99XXL 08/28/1964 20:01  
3 Bennett Brooke   GOLD * 45 666D-99XXM 05/06/1964 20:02  
4 Coughlin Natalie   CAL 47 666D-99XXN 08/23/1962 20:03  
- All results for a specific gender/age group are grouped together (one result per row) following the corresponding Gender/Age Group row.
- The results for each gender/age group must be ordered starting with 1st place.
- If OPTIONAL data is not available for a specific field leave it empty. DO NOT slide columns to the left if all data for a column is not available. For example, if you didn't collect middle initials then leave column D empty, and continue to use column E for the Team abbreviation.
- It is acceptable to include column headings as long as the heading for the first column does not contain a digit or DQ.
- Empty rows can be inserted for readability.
- If you want to supply titling information to your worksheet use only column 1 (allowing the text to overflow to the right.)
- Use only one worksheet for all the results of a single race (i.e. Men and Women of all age groups are on the same worksheet.)
- If an age group contains no swimmers you don't have to post results for that empty age group.
- If you host multiple races then the results of each race must be on seperate worksheets or spreadsheets. (I.e. the results for the 1 Mile swim must be
in a different spreadsheet or on a different worksheet of the same spreadsheet from the results for the 2 Mile swim.)
- If you want to list the results of a wetsuit division, they must be listed after all non-wetsuit results are listed, and labeled with the word "Wetsuit"
somewhere in the first column of the title row preceeding the wetsuit results.
- Team abbreviations only. No team names, no cities, etc. Non-PMS swimmers who register at the swim must state a team or “UNAT”. Non-PMS
affiliations must be asterisked (*)
- The Date of Birth, when present, is written as mm/dd/yyyy (a single digit can be used for a month or day when appropriate.) The year must be 4 digits.
- To show a swimmer that was disqualified (DQ) from their race, use the initials "DQ" for their place (Column A.) In this case, all other fields for this
swimmer are optional.
1. Marcia Benjamin San Leandro 46 19:59
2. Janet Evans Los Angeles 45 20:01
3. Brooke Bennett Ft. Lauderdale 45 20:02
4. Natalie Coughlin Berkeley 47 20:03
1. M. Benjamin       Unattached 46 19:59
2. J. Evans       some really lame, made-up, incorrect acronym 45 20:01
3. B. Bennett       ??? 45 20:02
4. N. Coughlin       UC Berkeley 47 20:03
Call Marcia Benjamin with questions: (510) 357-7753,
A Real Life Example
(shortened for brevity)
Lake Berryessa 1 Mile Swim                  
Age Group Results                  
June 06, 2009                  
One Mile Masters                  
Place Last Name First Name MI Team Age USMS # DOB Time  
1 Seelos Elizabeth   SCAM 22 666D-99XXX   23:50.4  
2 O'Rourke Katherine   DAM 24 666D-99XXY   23:57.4  
Place Last Name First Name MI Team Age USMS # DOB Time  
1 Weisenthal Laurin   UNAT 25 666D-99XXZ   22:45.4  
2 Moore Stephanie   SAC 26 666D-99XXA   23:27.7  
3 Glaser Kathy   SCAQ* 27 666D-99XXB   23:48.7  
Place Last Name First Name MI Team Age USMS # DOB Time  
1 Miller Andrew   CRUZ 23 666D-99XXC   25:04.9  
2 Faber Jake   SCAM 19 666D-99XXD   25:37.2  
3 Goble Jared   VNAT* 24 666D-99XXE   26:10.5  
Place Last Name First Name MI Team Age USMS # DOB Time  
1 Chester Kevin   WNTR 25 666D-99XXF   22:30.5  
2 Meyer Tom   STAN 29 666D-99XXG   22:41.7  
DQ Upshaw Bob   MAM 29 666D-99XXX      
One Mile Masters Wetsuit                  
Place Last Name First Name MI Team Age USMS # DOB Time  
1 Terada Mirella   MELO 34 666D-99XXH   30:23.5  
Place Last Name First Name MI Team Age USMS # DOB Time  
1 Lane Ed   WCM 70 666D-99XXJ   20:57.6  
The race results that you produce are posted on the PMS web site, possibly the USMS web site, and other locations of your choosing. It's advantageous for the swimmers if the format of all race results is the same across all postings.

More importantly: your results are used as input to a program that generates the accumulated open water results for all PMS/USMS/USA swimmers. If your results deviate from the above format it's likely that there will be errors in the accumulated results, which will affect the points standings of the swimmers and their teams. Obviously we want to strive for close-to-real-time correct results and point standings, and we need your help to do that.