Pacific Masters maintains this site to enable its members to track their open water swims throughout the year. Open water swimmers are divided into competitive groups based on gender, age group, and suit category. The first 10 finishers of each swim in each gender/age group/category are awarded points. This site will detail those points for the competitors so they can track their relative progress throughout the year.

Pacific Masters-sanctioned Open Water swims are detailed on the Pacific Open Water page.

2014's open water swims

Pacific Masters Open Water Swims

2014 Accumulated Individual Results
2014 Accumulated Team Results



Historical Open Water Swims

2013's open water swims

All 2013 Accumulated Results

2012's open water swims

All 2012 Accumulated Results

2011's open water swims

All 2011 Accumulated Results (Masters and USA)

2010's open water swims

All 2010 Accumulated Results (Masters, USA, and USMS All Star)



Race Official's Documentation

Data format specifications to be used by all race officials when reporting race results to PacMasters.

(In progress.)